No Show Sunday 

Kensington Market's Festival of Lights 7 pm (free).  

We are on a break tonight.  If you are looking for something wonderful on a Sunday night head over to Kensington Market. 

Kensington Markets Festival of Lights

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Monday December  22

is SOLD OUT... 

Choir:  Eastminister United Church

Weather: A West Coast +4

Dress Warmly - You'll enjoy the hour long outdoor performance wearing thick socks and lots of layers.

Free shuttle bus departs Erindale Avenue, North of  Broadview TTC at 6:45 &  7:15





By Martha Ross

December 11 - 30, 2014
Showtime 7:30pm
Evergreen Brick Works - Toronto

The tradition of outdoor theatre returns

 The Dog & the Angel by Martha Ross, writer of the Multi Dora Award-nominated The Story.

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About Outdoor Winter Theatre

VIDEO: A short story about Theatre Columbus' winter theatre tradition at Toronto's Evergreen Brick Works. Filmed during a performance of Haley McGee's play, "Weather the Weather" in December 2013

“This unique theatrical experience, expertly directed by outdoor theatre veteran Jennifer Brewin, is well worth a round of applause, though the clapping may be muffled by mittens and gloves.”
—Carly Maga, The Grid

"Kindly convey my deepest appreciation to the staff at the
Winter Show who made it possible for me to see it. Negotiating me through the show means that anyone can do it, be it with a walker, a wheelchair or a cane. The Winter Show staff define the kindness of strangers."
—Paula Citron, 2012